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80 Days is a third person adventure game for PC developed by Frogwares
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80 Days is a third person adventure game for PC developed in 2005 by Frogwares The game is inspired by the famous novel by Jules Verne entitled Around the world in 80 days. Oliver, who is the game´s main character takes his limit time on the time Philéas Fogg took to finish his round the world tour, in a way to know if he is in advance or late in his trip. The game is developed 27 years after the trip of Philéas Fogg. Oliver learns that he will have to undertake the world turn on October 2nd 1899.

The plot:
Matthew Lavisheart, an engineer close to the retirement belongs to a club of compulsive inventors called The Reform Club, he recently disputed with one of his colleagues, called Barney. Matthew said to him that to perform the trip around the world in 80 days was not a complicated task. So they mad a bet. Unfortunately Lavisheart, he says himself to have exaggerated a little when betting all his fortune of 10.000£ (notice that this sum is twice lower than that bet by Philéas Fogg in the novel).

In addition, during the argument, Barney tells to Matthew that he took, supported by other colleagues, a request for dismissal of the title of compulsive inventor for the old man to the Court. To Lavisheart, it would be a completely unmerited dishonour. To prevent the loss of his rank, he must prove that he deserves his title. In order to achieve that, it is necessary that he finds four documents attesting of the durability of those great inventions, the trouble is that the documents are dispersed in the four corners of the world.

Being old, Lavisheart does not think he is able to make the long journey himself, and calls his nephew Oliver to find the precious documents in his place, performing simultaneously the trip around the world in less than 80 days.
Oliver's adventure begins in Cairo (Egypt). From the first moment, Oliver will meet problems that slow his progress throughout his journey.

The game takes place entirely in a 3D gameplay. Even the cinematics of the game are not movies but 3D animations. Throughout the game, the player plays the role of Oliver, you will move using the arrow keys while adjusting the camera with the mouse. The camera is constantly in the back of Oliver.

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